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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Thanks

While you're enjoying this Memorial Day please remember our troops who are far away from their families. This is my stepson while on a mission in Afghanistan. To get a better idea of some of the missions our troops are involved with take a moment and read this dispatch..."Soldiers work hand-in-hand with local children."

"“It’s a good feeling when children rush into a tent that was just built by your soldiers, with smiles on their face screaming ‘thank you’,” Silver said.

“The school principle told me they’re thankful for everything that we do, and this will be a day the children will never forget,” Silver said.

The battalion is in charge of more than 24 different villages for improvement operations within the next eight months. The improvements will consist of fixing mosques, clinics and schools.

“My Soldiers love doing these kinds of missions,” said Silver. “They know they’re impacting the Afghan families directly, in a positive way.”

To say it's hot, uncomfortable and dangerous would be an understatement. No sipping Margaritas on the beach for these guys. Thanks Rich to you and your fellow troops for your service. Stay safe and come home soon...

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