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Monday, May 10, 2010

Additions to the Greenway

When I was jogging along the very low Roanoke River in Salem last week,

at one point I became out of breath. I wished there was a bench I could rest my bones on for just a minute or two. The following morning, Poof! There it was...

So shiny and red. There are three of them along the greenway. The same day I wished for the bench I also noticed that inconsiderate people were leaving their bottles of water, cans of soda, disposable cups and other trash in the grass and on the fences. I said to myself, "They really need to put a garbage pail along the way." The following morning, Poof! There it was...

So shiny and red. Nearby the trash cans cement was being poured so that picnic tables could be placed. I was tempted to carve my initials in it before it set, as I always am whenever I see wet cement. Naturally I didn't. Unfortunately sometime during the night others could not control their urges and left their mark...

Even worse were other additions I spotted along the greenway...

Perverted graffiti, how lovely. Just what the many children I encounter along the way need to see. It looks like they scraped their art into the path with a rock or something. They must be really stupid too because they signed their names to their masterpieces. I can only hope they get caught. Idiots...


  1. Yuck. The kids and I frequent lots of parks and I think it is one glaring example of why socialism, in the sense of community sharing and government ownership of property, just will never work: take away individual ownership and folks will make a mess out things.

  2. Oh, that is so frustrating! Such a lovely place, and it's too bad a couple of kids ruined it for others :-(

  3. Interesting that you posted about the benches and trash cans (and lack of) along the walkway there in Salem. My daughter and son walk there often and were just telling me how they wished there were a bench to rest on. You are magic! Thanks for wishing so hard for them.

  4. It is such a beautfil and tranquil place to go. Knowing the city of Salem they will take care of this pronto! (Nothing bad ever happens in Salem LOL)

    Cheryl, if only my magic worked all the time ;)