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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pond Mystery Solved

Let me start off this post by declaring I am an idiot.

This is a follow-up to the last post regarding the mystery pond visitor that I couldn't make out. I questioned what type of "creature" with a white long neck was sitting in the pond. One of my friends had suggested it might have been a loon, and I quickly thought maybe she was right, especially after I had found a white feather floating in the pond. Once I looked at photos of loons on-line I didn't think that was the culprit.

So I set the camera up again and after the shot I got I realize I am an idiot. The white long necked "creature" is a sundial swan that I forgot we had which sits on the second level in the very back of the pond, and is pretty much covered by the irises. Besides the orbs seen in this shot the real "creature" is that tricky tricky raccoon to the right of the screen! His head is in the pond but his arm is hanging out. Another mystery solved!


  1. Eleana,

    You are so funny!
    I'm pretty funny too..not recognizing who you were! Glad you came by my booth yesterday with your beautiful daughter. Both of our mysteries were solved it seems.

  2. He's been pestering you for over a year now, hasn't he? That's funny!

  3. This racoon is like Houdini, he feasts on the fish, trips the traps, eats the bait and still escapes! I've given up but my husband still hasn't. It's like watching Elmer and Bugs...

  4. This is really funny! I look forward to more adventures around your pond.

  5. Too funny. Makes for a good imagination exercise though.