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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Supermarket Hot Spot

Just a couple of observations about local supermarkets...

You all know to avoid Kroger's on Tuesdays unless you're a senior citizen, but did you know that Kroger's is the hot spot on Sunday afternoons if you're single and looking?

Yup, no need to pay high bucks to millionaire matchmakers if you live in Roanoke, just take my free advice and head on down to the Kroger's on Brambelton. I've come to this conclusion after the last couple of Sunday afternoon shopping excursions. I noticed that quite a few ladies are going dressed to the hilt while shopping. At first I thought they were coming after church or brunch, but then I realized although they're looking good, their dress may not be deemed "appropriate" for church, they always shop alone and many of their shopping carts are empty.

I also noticed there were quite a few guys suddenly shopping by themselves, not dressed as if they just came from playing football or softball either. The clincher that I suspected folks were doing more than just grocery shopping happened when a couple of guys, all on the same Sunday afternoon, tried to strike up conversations with me. It happened by the dairy, the vegetables and the meat counter. I almost threw a package of Pampers in my cart just to throw them off. And damn, I didn't even look good.

Come to think of it where would a woman my age meet someone respectable if they lived in Roanoke? I don't go to church, so that would be out. Bars? I don't have many friends who would come with me, and I wouldn't be comfortable going alone, so that would be out. Movies? Yeah, I would do that alone but the environment is not conducive to meeting someone. Bowling? Yup, have done that alone in the afternoons too, but if there's a guy who's in the alley in the afternoon, and he's under 70, he's probably not working, so that's not good. The library? Forget the downtown branch unless you want to hang out with the homeless. Salem's has mainly college kids and Roanoke County's mostly women or very senior citizens. Walking around downtown Roanoke? It's certainly not like walking the streets of Manhattan where anything is possible. On-line? Pass!!! I don't believe anyone on-line.

Unfortunately there just doesn't seem to be many opportunities to meet folks once you get past your thirties. So ladies, and gentlemen, if you're single and looking, head over to Kroger's on Brambleton on Sundays. Maybe it's not even just that Kroger's; that's just the one I shop at. Has anyone noticed any other supermarket hot spots?

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One other supermarket thing I noticed is that both Food Lion and Krogers are no longer stocking Tylenol, only their store brand. What the hell is that about????


  1. Oh Elenor! This is a great post. I am still laughing. If I am ever over near Kroger's on a Sunday, I will be sure to check out the scene and let you know what I observe. One of my single girlfriends told me that she meets the nicest men in.....get ready.....elevators!!!!LOL

  2. Cheryl, they'll have a field day with you ;)

    Elevators in Roanoke? There's like what three of them? LOL.

  3. Love your blog and what a fantastic post! The things you find in supermarkets! Those are some of the best places to go for a good story or two!

  4. Well, I'm a married gal, but the Kroger I shop at on Orange Ave. is generally filled with post church goers on Sunday afternoons... husbands and wives arguing over what to have for dinner that night... seriously... they argue all the way through the store. Weirdos.

    Oh, and I met my husband online and know of many others who have as well. There really are some great people out there... you just have to weed through them a bit as I'm sure the singles at Kroger find they have to do as well. Anyone who is looking seriously for a date should keep all avenues open. *smiles*

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  5. Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by. Absolutely agree...supermarkets are filled with food for thought.

  6. Di, I'm happy you were "lucky" enough to find true love on line. Unfortunately I know of a couple of friends who haven't had the same good fortune. I'm just glad I don't have to deal with it...

  7. Curious which Kroger on Brambleton this is?
    The one with all the great beer on the far side of 419 from downtown?
    Or the more downbeat Kroger on the downtown Roanoke side of 419?

  8. The Kroger that used to be Harris Teeter's...the one near the new Bojangles, not Cave Spring Corners.

  9. Heck, there's a Kroger worker in the dairy department at Cave Spring Corners who follows my wife around the store, flirting with her. . .