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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Ducky

In the middle of last week, everything was just ducky along the Roanoke River in Salem.

The ducks were all hanging out, baking in the sun, taking a snooze and just relaxing.

Momma duck and her six ducklings must have gotten used to me. They don't run away when I come up on them to take a photo. The babies have gotten much bigger.

I was happy to see another Momma duck had joined the regulars. She had eight tiny ducklings in tow. They were adorable.

I've never seen a duck fight. They seem to all get along -- one big happy family -- except for one. At the end of the river, standing all alone was the albino duck. She never hangs with any of them. She stands far away, looking longingly at the rest of them. One walker told me the other ducks won't let her near them. When he feeds them bread cubes they attack her and she swims away. I feel so bad for her. She seems so lonely.

Unfortunately that night it rained very hard, causing flooding. Based on the pictures I'll soon post, I fear the albino duck is no longer the only sad one...


  1. There are a couple of outcast ducks at our regular feeding area--I think most people recognize it and make sure they get special attention. Attention, that makes them plump.

  2. Gosh, I fear you are going to post something sad soon.