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Friday, May 14, 2010

Pond Mystery

The night before last the pond was hit again so yesterday I set up the game camera. This morning about eight inches of water was gone, but nothing was knocked over or disturbed. Only one picture was taken. There seems to be something white inside the pond. We all tried to figure out what it is but the best answer that we could come up with to the question, "What the heck is in there?" was my daughter's response...."Ummm, a reason to move?"

Ok, you sleuths, what do you think it is? It looks like something is behind a little grass that's to the left of the screen, inside the pond. I've tried zooming in but the picture breaks up too much so I can't see anything. The best I could do was manipulate it on Photobucket to show different colors...

Maybe one of you has a better photo program and sees something we're missing. If you do, please let us know.


  1. It is difficult to tell. I do think you have one interesting mystery on your hands--another reason to lose sleep.

  2. Slam, it almost looks like a swan neck! I'm going to get some more D batteries today (I'm hoping the camera shut itself off from lack of power) and tonight I'm going to move it closer.

  3. Ok, a friend of mine on Facebook commented to let me know that her neighbor's pond has had a loon visiting it and eating her fish. That could very well be our visitor as this is the loony bin and possibly the reason why the game camera only took one pic. He swooped in out of it's viewfinder. One does have to wonder how in the world he would have found our wee little pond though...

  4. Can't tell a thing from the photo... hope moving the camera closer will solve this wonderful mystery. :-)