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Monday, May 3, 2010


It was nice to meet a friend on Friday for a walk along the Roanoke river (beautiful as usual) followed by a tasty lunch downtown at Wasabi's (Sumo Roll still rules) then a stroll to the Strawberry Festival (overrated unless you're a huge fan of strawberries I guess) onto getting ripped off by downtown parking lot fees ($5.00 for a minute over two hours is way too much for lunch) and topped off with a nerve-wracking ride in an about to over-heat car up Chestnut Mountain to take pictures at Happy Hollow Gardens.

Happy Hollow has always been known for its amazing azaleas. This year, they weren't too amazing. Maybe I waited too long and they had already peaked. I thought I actually had at least another weekend since my azaleas were still pretty brilliant and Happy Hollow's elevation is much higher, but apparently not. However, this orange azalea is a pretty rare sight...

Luckily I made it back down the mountain by cruising so the car didn't overheat until I pulled into my carport. This is the view from my driveway. If I'm looking for that azalea shot I think I'll stick closer to home next time...


  1. Afraid I have to agree with you again. Strawberry festival too expensive for what you get and parking bad news. I love the market and I sell there but........................
    Your photos are gorgeous, as usual.

  2. This was the first year I've ever been to the festival...for some reason I had conjured up something more than being able to buy a slice of strawberry shortcake or chocolate dipped strawberry as a "festival." I did buy jam just so I wouldn't walk away empty handed! I love the market too and will continue to shop there (as long as I'm there under an hour) but I won't be having lunch downtown anymore if I have to pay $5. Crazy.