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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Possum and the Mist

The only things that disturbed the pond the night before last was the possum...

and this "mist" which wasn't seen by my naked eye but was captured by the game camera as I held it up after I heard a noise and asked if there was anyone there...


  1. Interesting mist shot. We had lots of fog rolling in off the river and across the old cemetery here.

  2. Oh, we have too many possums in our area. I just hate those things.

  3. Slam, That's why I love the game camera, it picks up things I don't see. Here's a link to a couple of other shots it's taken...

  4. Cheryl, when I first moved here and saw one I thought it was the biggest rat I ever saw and freaked out!

  5. I always thought possums were kind of cool, but I admit I am strange.