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Friday, April 30, 2010

No Prom, Yes Job!

So this weekend is my son's high school prom. And, no, he will not be attending. He actually was asked. Yes, he was asked, he didn't do the asking, on Facebook of all places, but he ignored the request. "I've never even met the girl in person." And he never wanted to meet her in person either, no matter how many times I asked him if he was sure. "Mom, she's posing with Mickey Mouse as her picture." Clearly he wasn't interested.

Well, there's always the after-prom. He wouldn't have to waste all that money on a tux, limo, dinner and date with someone he never met in person, as he could go stag. "Mom, why would I want to go to that? It doesn't start until midnight and it ends at 4:00am. I have an AP test Monday morning at 7:00am, so uh, no." He is so logical. Truth be told I didn't go to my prom either. And, no, I never regretted it. I doubt he will either.

The boy has always been responsible, and he showed me yesterday just how responsible he really is by getting a job, a real paying, part time job! His first job, and today he takes his first drug test. I have no worries about him passing that test -- at least I think I have no worries. He told his new employer that he couldn't start until after next Wednesday because he has AP tests up until then. Thankfully he still he realizes his education is important. After he aced the job interview he went right down to VWCC and took the placement test (I guess his 1910 SAT score wasn't high enough) and dropped off the application for a scholarship, which he had just found out needed to get in their hands by today. The 500 word essay was written during his lunch period so I'm not banking on that money. He also asked two teacher for letters of recommendation so he could join the honor society which he qualifies for. His plan of action is to attend VWCC for two years and then transfer over to either VT, JMU or W&M. Although he intends to major in computer science, with a minor in mathematics, lately he's been expressing interest in law. My son the senator...hmmmmm, I like the way that sounds.

I don't care what he majors in as long as he goes to college. I don't want him to end up like me, not that I'm a slacker or anything. It's just that I got my first job at 15. By the time I graduated high school I was making so much money I poo-poohed college..."Who the hell needs a degree???" I didn't. I did just fine without one and made plenty of money, and went as far as possible with prestigious titles, but I don't want my kids to fall into the same money trap.

I keep telling him it's only four more years, and then he sighs...very loudly.


  1. Congrats to your son--I hope my kids master responsibility as your kiddo has.

  2. Thanks Slam...I pray he stays this way.

  3. You are instilling all the right goals for your son and it sounds like he has a good head on his shoulder. He will go far, especially with a mom like you!

  4. Thanks Cheryl...My biggest fear is that once he "falls in love" all bets are off ;)

  5. Wow, he sounds like a really mature kid! Good luck to him with the job :-)

  6. Elena your son will do well and succeed he sounds very mature and responsible. Reading this story reminded me of my daughter who just graduated from college this past Saturday! She actually finished a semester early and plans to pursue her Masters. She was always and still is very mature for her age and very responsible. Im sure you are very proud as you should be!!

  7. Congrats, RSuggs, on your daughter's graduation! That's wonderful...I'm sure you're as proud as I am ;) Thanks! Here's to our children's future...all the best!!!