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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Roanoke's Punkapalooza

Script completed and videos delivered. Voice don't fail me now.

Yup, tomorrow night's celebration of independent aritists, and the release of my eBook Fractured Facade, is almost upon us, and the music line-up is amazing. I am so psyched to hear the following renditions...

"My Way" - Daniel Francis Gardener
"You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory" - Ron Bergeron
"Mother" - Laker
"Free Money" - Josa Wakes
"Rip Her To Shreds" - Josa Wakes
"See No Evil" - Savannah Shoulders
"Psycho Killer" - Madrone
"Lust for Life" - Keith Bowniece
"Walk on the Wild Side" - Madrone
"Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue" = HeeVaHaVa
"Christmas Lights" - Matthew John Mortimer
"Feed the World" - Everyone

Maybe instead of NYC...Live in Roanoke!, we should have called this event Roanoke's Punkapalooza!

The only artwork I've seen thus far (besides my photos) is Sam Hensley's "Empire State Building" constructed of VHS tapes, and it's something to behold. Looking forward to seeing other artists' work as well.

Just a couple of changes from what was reported in Mike Allen's Roanoke Times column -- Didn't have time to shoot the skit, there's only 9 bands, and you will be making your own egg creams.

***UPDATE*** - No, you will not be making egg creams, after all. Concerns were expressed, so ice cream from Maggie Moo's is replacing the NYC iconic beverage. That's is from NYC, and Maggie's is from Roanoke...yet, another bridge between the book's settings of Roanoke and New York.

I hope you come out and support Roanoke's independent (insert creative media here) scene. And please do not forget to support our community by bringing a Toy for a Tot and a non-perishable item for the Rescue Mission.

Check out my website for more details.

Too bad the band that was going to perform Fairytale of New York cannot do it...

"I could've been could anyone..."


  1. I attended that event downtown tonight at the library and as a first event of its kind there, would rate it as a success! It was indeed interesting and unexpected.I had gotten a Facebook invite to view some work on exhibit by my friend Dave Perry, a talented local photographer. The spare black and white images actually tie into your story. They represent the small town, quiet safe haven you found here. I'm from north Jersey and moved to VA at 16 when the punk scene was flourishing. No one seemed to know of punk poet Patti Smith or the Ramones. It was quite a culture shock. At first I missed the more raucous versions of songs tonight, but your narration soon made evident that the true theme was loss. It wasn't so much about anarchy as it was about alienation. Bridging that aching distance in time and miles.

  2. Thank you for coming...and "getting" it.