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Friday, September 23, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? Here and here...Check it out and you'll see I've been busy working on getting my novel, "Fractured Facade" ready to launch!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Two Roanoke Buildings

Two Roanoke buildings that Roanokers will easily identify. How about the shot in between them? Where's that located?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who is Roanoke County "Protecting?"

Just as I predicted in this post a couple of weeks ago, the Board of Supervisors voted for the wind energy ordinance. Actually, they voted to make the original ordinance less restrictive regarding setback requirements!

Any amendment Ed Elswick, whose district these behemoths will be the first (but not last) place to wind up in, put forth hoping to protect the citizens of Roanoke was voted 4-1 against. When he saw the writing on the wall, and realized his was a futile effort, he got up and left the meeting. Although this Roanoke Times article says he "stormed out" I disagree with that description. I thought he blew out of there in in disgust.

When Elswick tried to get the other supervisors to lower the decibel levels allowed, they disregarded him. Once again, discussion was held on how on their visit to a wind farm, they noticed how "quiet" the turbine was when they stood underneath it. Well, duh. I've seen enough wind turbine videos on YouTube to know the sound projects out. Also, how long did they stand there on their visit? A half-hour, one hour, two hours? Was it in the dead of night when nature is silent? If they wanted to get a real feel for what it's like living near a wind turbine they should have set up camp for at least 24 hours at the setback requirement location.

Butch Church said the new ordinance provides protection for the people. You call that protection? Maybe for the wind companies, but certainly not for the residents on Poor Mountain.

What happens if the wind energy company goes belly up like that solar energy company we gave over a half billion dollars to did, after only one year? What happens if the wind energy company does not stick to the ordinance and the sound levels are too high, etc. When I heard Roanoke County's attorney describe the steps they had taken in the past when someone was not in compliance with County code, it made me laugh. Dealing with a wind turbine violation will be a far cry from dealing with a house that's been built a couple of feet too far.

And please...these are not windmills! So stop calling them that...Sheesh. The Board of Supervisors can't get that right, how can we expect them to get an ordinance right?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Am a New Yorker

I am a New Yorker

I am a New Yorker
I may no longer live in the five boroughs or on the Island or Upstate
I may now live hundreds or thousands of miles away
Or I may live just over the GW Bridge
But I am a New Yorker

I am a New Yorker
Whatever took me out of New York:
Business, family or hating the cold did not take New York out of me.
My accent may have faded and my pace may have slowed
But I am a New Yorker

I am a New Yorker
I was raised on Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and Rockefeller Plaza,
The Yankees or the Mets
Jones Beach or Rye Beach or one of the beaches on the sound
I know that THE END; means Montauk.
Because I am a New Yorker

I am a New Yorker
When I go on vacation, I never look up
Skyscrapers are something I take for granted
The Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty are part of me
Taxis and noise and subways and get outa heah; don't rattle me
Because I am a New Yorker

I am a New Yorker
I was raised on cultural diversity before it was politically correct
I eat Greek food and Italian food, Jewish and Middle Eastern food and
Chinese food
Because they are all American food to me.

I don't get mad when people speak other languages in my presence
Because my relatives got to this country via Ellis Island and chose to stay.
They were New Yorkers

I am a New Yorker
People who have never been to New York have misunderstood me
My friends and family work in the industries, professions and businesses
that benefit all Americans
My firefighters died trying to save New Yorkers and non-New Yorkers
They died trying to save Americans and non-Americans
Because they were New Yorkers.

I am a New Yorker
I feel the pain of my fellow New Yorkers
I mourn the loss of my beautiful city
I feel and dread that New York will never be the same
But then I remember:
I am a New Yorker

And New Yorkers have:
Tenacity, strength and courage way above the norm
Compassion and caring for our fellow citizens
Love and pride in our city, in our state, in our country
Intelligence, experience and education par excellence
Ability, dedication and energy above and beyond
Faith--no matter what religion we practice

Terrorists hit America in its heart
But America's heart still beats strong
Demolish the steel in our buildings, but it doesn't touch the steel in our souls
Hit us in the pocketbook; but we'll parlay what we have left into a fortune
End innocent lives leaving widows and orphans, but we'll take care of them
Because they are New Yorkers

Wherever we live, whatever we do, whoever we are
There are New Yorkers in every state and every city of this nation
We will not abandon our city
We will not abandon our brothers and sisters
We will not abandon the beauty, creativity and diversity that New York represents
Because we are New Yorkers
And we are proud to be New Yorkers

- Author Unknown

I'll always be a New Yorker and I will never forget 9/11.

9-11 Firefighters Pictures, Images and Photos

God Bless America!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Website

Now that I own my name, I can begin work on my new website. Got the basics down for now...Let me know what you think.