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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tardy Wednesday

I hate when the alarm doesn't go off. Good thing I woke up suddenly to the miniature shaft of sunlight hitting my eyelid and noticed it was after 7, a full hour later than we usually wake up. The radio alarm was "on" but there was no sound coming from it until I smacked the knob. Time for a new clock. I've had this soothing sound/wave/rain/static noise clock since I was pregnant with my son 18 years ago. I guess I could splurge for another one.

It was a restless night. I fell asleep fairly early to a creepy Paranormal State episode. I don't even remember turning the television off but when I woke up at 11:30 from hearing a loud noise the house was dark. My husband jumped up, the dog grrrrrr'd, backing out of his "I'm scared and hiding between the bed and the fireplace next to the master's side place" and we turned the light on to see what the heck was up. On the floor near the foot of my bed the broom and dustpan was now laying. Previous to that location they stood in the kitchen leaning against the wall near the trash can. Although my bedroom is right off the kitchen it didn't make sense to see where the broom had landed. Even if it had fallen, for whatever reason, it wouldn't have fallen down the two steps into my room, turning around lengthwise and travelling about five feet, as much as it probably would have just fallen across the door frame.

My husband did the "turn on every light, check on the kids, walk though all the rooms, even the basement search" the same as he did the night before at 4:00am. The previous night we were both awoken to what sounded like someone taking a cup or glass and banging it on the kitchen table. Last night, like the night before, there was nothing to be found. We all went back to bed but I had a hard time falling asleep so began reading "Growing Up Haunted" which was probably not the best type of book to read when one is spooked.

I did finally fall back asleep only to be awoken again at 5:00 by another noise. This time I was the only one that heard it and didn't want to wake anyone up so I explored myself and found nothing. I attributed it to the wind. I fell asleep and then overslept. It's a tardy Wednesday.


  1. You should check out this writers blog. It sounds like you would have some interesting stories to share with one another.

  2. Wow, you've had some really creepy experiences! I'm also a fan of Paranormal State. Last night was pretty creepy!

  3. Portia, that was nothing compared to what usually goes on around here ;)

  4. Maybe your house should BE on one of those shows! ;-)