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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Make My Day, Punk

So far, so good. Other than the raging wind, it was a quiet night here, although restless for me. I don't know if it's from growing up in Brooklyn, or growing up Italian, but there's one thing about me...I never get scared. When someone threatens me or my family something just kicks in, not fear, more like anger, and I bolt into protection mode. Not for a moment do I worry about getting hurt, but I do worry about what's gonna happen when I hurt the person or persons that are looking to hurt my family. My husband is the big tough guy, but I'm the one the bad guys have to worry about. Sicilian and Napoledon blood courses through my hot veins, need I say more?

If I sense danger I slip effortlessly into a state where logic takes over. Plans immediately formulate to protect us and thwart my enemies. I sit the kids down and tell them this is the way it might go down. No sugar coating here. I drill in them that we always fight to the end. We never give in, we never give up. We never believe that if we do something that evil wants, the evil will let us go. Evil never lets go. We never do what they want. Naturally we try and avoid trouble, but if trouble comes looking we don't run away. We confront. We outsmart. We win.

I've always told my kids that the worst thing they can allow happen is to get pulled into a car. If they do chances are very good they're going to die. They will never be let go, no matter what the criminal says. It's up to them to save themselves. Do whatever you have to do to not get in the car in the first place but if it happens, then the main goal is to get the hell out of the car.

At home, if someone comes to your house and tries to get inside in the middle of the night assume they have weapons. They are there to hurt you. If you let them in they will kill you. If they get in on their own they will kill you. Do not believe that if you give them what they want they will let you go. They will not. It's up to you to fight back. It's up to you to take them out. You do whatever you have to do but the main goal is to protect the family and defeat the evil.

I think we are prepared. I don't take for granted for a second that I live in a "good neighborhood." In these times evil takes over good, or at least tries. What the bad guys may not realize though is that in this house we don't roll over. We fight. We will win. And they will lose. C'mon punk, make my day.

You know what's the craziest thing about everything that's been happening freaking husband was actually right for a change...we need to protect ourselves...and that's what scares me the most.

On the brighter side...all my bitching to the cops complaining they're letting the neighborhood go to pot with all the grafitti that's been springing up apparently hit home. My kids told me they saw the tags being painted over yesterday. Good, that's a start.


  1. I tell my kids almost the same things. Secondary location = Death. DO NOT let anyone move you. I also have always told them to run from someone with a gun. Odds are they won't shoot, and if they do the chance of them hitting a moving target is slim to none. Dainan got mugged two years ago and he ran. He said as soon as he saw the gun he wanted to freeze but had had it so drilled in his head to run that he just did so automatically. He ended up okay (though they did hit him with it once as he was starting to run), but his friend who did freeze was robbed of everything and had some injuries. I really feel running was the way to go.

  2. It has been such a downer around here with the crime soaring. Finding Morgan's body and that precious little baby boy in the land fill! Ugh!!!! I hugged my babies extra tight tonight before I tucked them in.