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Sunday, January 31, 2010

More EVP's

Since I'm snowbound and bored I finally got around to uploading two more EVP's that we had picked up from way back in September.

The first two EVPS were not taken during a "session" but rather just "showed up" during an investigative dig while we had our digital recorders running. In this one, EVP 3, you can hear a lot of "whispering" going on but the clearest section to me was "It's not what you think" which I believe was in direct response to our pondering why the property is so active.

In EVP 4, you will hear me speaking about an e-mail address and then shortly thereafter it sounds like someone saying, "F You."

As far as I'm concerned, this one is still the creepiest of the ones we picked up that day and it was captured during a very brief session.

Creepy, eh?


  1. Ummm, just decided I'm not going to listen to it as it would probably give me nightmares. I'm tempted but not gonna do it... LOL

    The Blue Ridge Gal