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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Less Calories = Less Smiles

I got through the first dieting day and actually ate less than what was on the menu. I saw no point in eating a 380 calorie power bar in the mid-afternoon and opted for a 90 calorie Mocha Special K one instead. I also left most of the quinoa, yuk, and baby carrots that comprised 2/3rds of my dinner. The other third was a chicken nugget even though the diet book says it's a full portion of chicken breast. I drank seltzer, water and even had a cup of tea (which I hate even if it's flavored) although I longed for wine and Pepsi. I had a headache by late afternoon which lasted until bedtime and I figured it was because I was lacking sugar. I was also very cranky which got worse as the day wore on. Apologies all around. Hopefully today will be better and I won't be quite as moody or hungry. This was breakfast this morning...

Huevos Rancheros which was made with egg white, non fat cheese, potatoes, enchilada sauce, onions, cilantro. It was really good. I figured out yesterday's caloric count which came out to about 1,100 calories...a huge decrease from where I was a couple of days ago...less calories = less smiles. On the bright side when I stepped on the scale this morning two pounds were gone...less weight = more smiles. Skinny girls may not eat salads, but skinny girls must be hungry all the time.

I brought back the "Slap Chop" I had bought from Tuesday Morning . Not only didn't it work, but I also hurt the palm of my hand trying to use it and it damaged my counter top when it slipped after I struck it for the 50th time trying to chop an onion. The kids said it's my own fault as apparently I bought the "knock-off" brand, not the one that Vince touts. Tricky tricky little tv label on the box fooled me. I don't think it would really matter even if I had gotten the "name brand as seen on tv" chopper, as it probably takes more time to prepare your veggies for this device than it does to just chop them with a plain ole knife on a cutting board. Don't even get me started on what it's like to clean this butterfly design guillotine device. At least I didn't pay shipping and handling charges.

I've been freezing my butt off lately, well not at 3:00am when I kick the covers off and put the fan full force on me, but whenever I'm outside. The wind chill this morning was -3 when I got up to let the dog out. This weather is like end of February cold weather, or end of the world cold weather, not beginning of January little nippy weather. Lucky for him my husband took down all the lights on Friday when it was downright balmy at 30 degrees. If he hadn't they'd probably be up until springtime. Some neighbors complained that we should have waited until January 6th to remove them, "It's so dark and sad now." Good thing they said that to me before my starving diet attitude kicked in.

I've been working on my end-of-the-year shop crap and it's official...2009 was the worst year we have had. Between the government taking over the new car business early in the year, and then ending the year by taking over the used car business, we pretty much got screwed big time. Since I've always lived by the "rainy day" creed, I feel luckier than a lot of the other local shops I know. So many people seem so sad and miserable lately. I really hope this will be a better year for everyone and that change encompasses more than the meager coins left in our pockets.

No worries here...I have big plans for 2010.

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