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Monday, April 19, 2010

Brooklyn Boids, I Mean Birds

Although I actually have even more pics from the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens I thought I would show you some pictures of some birds I captured in Brooklyn. Now when you think of Brooklyn birds you're probably thinking, "dirty stinking boids" like the rats with wings, pigeons. At our Brooklyn house we have a huge pine tree in the back yard that the neighbors have been bugging me to cut down since my father died. I refuse to cut that one and the other pine that I have in the front of the house. Both trees house some songbirds including one that wakes me every morning singing, "Sweet Marie, Sweet Marie." I imagine that's my dad saying good morning to his granddaughter.

For the most part the birds are the usual ones that you would see here in Roanoke -- cardinals, bluejays, bluebirds, sparrows, wrens, pigeons along with many seagulls. This trip I saw two more types of birds I had never seen before in Brooklyn.

On our way back from the Botanic Gardens we stopped at Greenwood Cemetery to see my folks...

The place is huge and even though they issue maps it's easy to get lost. We know we finally found the gravesite when we stumble upon this gargoyle-filled monument.

My parents are located near one of the two huge ponds. We usually get lost trying to leave as well even though we follow the pond. This time we saw a beautiful bird that we've never seen there before.

Later on I took my daughter to Shore Parkway to go shopping. As usual we walked to the shore to take pictures of my favorite bridge, the Verrazano...

I had to look twice after taking the picture because I thought I saw some birds in the ocean which were too large to be ducks or geese...

We walked closer to the shore and saw that there were two swans diving for fish in the ocean...

My daughter said she didn't know swans swam in the ocean. Neither did I! You never know what you're going to find in Brooklyn.

Wouldn't this shot make a nice postcard? "Greetings from Brooklyn!"


  1. The large, white bird in the pond at Greenwood Cemetery is a Great Egret, Ardea alba. They're quite elegant, and interesting to watch as they hunt for fish, frogs, or other small animals in the water.

  2. Xris, thanks! Yes he was quite elegant. Do you know the story behind the swans?

  3. Swans in the ocean is news to me as well. I like your perspective with the photos though.

  4. I've never once been to New York or Brooklyn. It's on my bucket list. Love the gargoyles.. ha... kind of creepy though.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  5. Swans in the ocean! Wow. A new one on me.

  6. I love the cemetery picture. NY is beautiful any time of the year.