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Friday, November 19, 2010


And on the 18th day, all the workers were gone and serenity was returned to the woman...

It took a while to get all 19 windows installed but they kept their word and were done by Thanksgiving. Had it not been for the EPA's Draconian and absurd lead rules it would have been done much quicker. The company we used is not one you'll find on a coupon in a blue envelope claiming to install windows for $189, that's for sure. They weren't cheap but we didn't want cheap...we wanted good. Assuming we would have structural work needed besides just ripping out and popping in a framed window we decided to go with F & S Sunrooms.

They checked the frames on every window and if there was a speckle of damage done by water or insects they replaced the wood before placing in the new windows. They grounded down the metal to the brick on my antiquated casement basement windows.

Old one...

New one...

My neighbor had the same windows done and the company he used skipped that step and instead made the windows smaller by just covering the old metal. Not good enough. Yesterday the last two workers finished up by installing hand cut custom stained inside trim to frame out the basement windows. Another detail the other company didn't perform.

There was some damage to two ceilings from the tape they used when they needed to "secure the house" from the dreaded deadly lead. They matched the paint perfectly and repainted the areas, and even left behind the cans of excess paint. They stained all the wooden frames inside the basement covering any nicks they inadvertently caused. They cleaned all their mess. They removed the old windows carefully and handed them back to me so I can create some art with them. I have ideas, just no time to implement them.

One plus about being stuck home for the last two weeks is that I got a lot of writing done. Another plus is that my son's windows, and he, are no longer crying during a cold snap. This picture was taken the first of November before the new windows. Notice Jack frost nipping at the window...

He hasn't been around since the new ones were put in. And my heat has hardly been running at all. I am amazed at the difference. Did I mention how wonderful it is that they tilt in to clean? By the way I did rip off the labels, just haven't taken any new pictures.

This was my old front window. Doesn't look like there's anything wrong with it, but the putrid smell of wet wood from rain dripping inside the frame made me nauseous. Not only were those cute little triangles a bitch to clean but they blocked my view as well...

The new and improved window is in place. Egads! Is that a mountain in the background?

Can't wait to decorate it for Christmas. Wait, we may have to skip Christmas this year...ain't got no money left after spending it all on windows!


  1. Job well done! You really got a good company after all. You'll probably block that great widow with the view for a Xmas tree and really won't have that view til January. I'll bet your heat bills drop this winter because of those airtight windows. Great.

  2. Cheryl, I notice the difference with the heat turning on already! I wish I could put a tree in front of the window but my living room is horizontal and if I did we'd have to sit under it to watch television. I'm thinking of other things to put in there...time for a change from the way I've decorated it for the last 15 years.

  3. Alton, don't laugh I'm considering it...not ten minutes ago I saw Walgreen's has it on sale on Sunday for $29! It'll look great sandwiched between my ballerina and Mrs. Claus.

  4. Great! I am happy that you were able to get that done. My heating bill has gone down with mine, too.