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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Smell of Pine

I know it's ridiculously early to put up a Christmas tree, but in reality we haven't technically put up a Christmas tree yet, as it isn't decorated. I like to think we've saved a tree. The trees have already been delivered to the supermarkets and that's where we usually wind up getting one.

When we first moved to Roanoke the Griswolds, I mean my family, went on a trek to "chop down our own tree." The first year we did it successfully and had a blast (even though it flew off the top of the Jeep onto Main Street in Salem) but then every following year we never had luck. We, I mean I, would get carsick driving along winding roads, we'd traipse over icy mud-laden mountains, end up in someone's long forgotten family cemetery, get pricked with briars, freeze our butts off and always come back empty-handed. We finally decided it would be more convenient and cheaper to just buy one that's already been harvested.

They're already squished together under the awning out by Food Lion, not getting any water, so we realized it didn't make sense to leave them there to dry out. Why wait for the slim pickin's that are left in December? Why not have the house begin to smell like fresh pine as soon as possible? It's not like they bring in new trees each week. What ever selection is there today (minus the ones who have found a home) will be there in a month from now. So yesterday we had our pick of the litter for $29.95.

It's a beautiful tree. It smells marvelous, and I have extra branches that I can place throughout the house. I won't decorate it until after the house undergoes the Christmas cleaning which can take at least a week, but I like it looking over my shoulder. Now when I jump because I think someone's behind me, or looking at me through the mirrior, I can be relieved it's just my Christmas tree.

Mmmmmmm...I love the smell of pine in the morning...


  1. "Ode to a Christmas tree" Be-u-ti-full! I'm with you, we only have a little over a month to enjoy it, bring it on now.

  2. Ha, sounds like a winner.

    On Friday, I'll be trudging up some mountain with the indecisive in-laws with my hacksaw in hand--as I am designated cutter.

    For our house, we just use fake trees.

  3. I use a fake tree. It will probably go up sometime next week.