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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Living With a Thankful Heart

As usually happens every year around this time life gets extremely's a good busy though. Well, it would be a better busy if there weren't so many darn doctor appointments filling the upcoming days. With my absurdly high deductible I gotta get 'em in before the end of the year.

I saw my rheumotologist today. I really like him. He is so personable. As soon as he saw me he said, "I was just thinking about you last night." He wasn't thinking about my health he was thinking about our last conversation regarding his teen aged daughter starting to learn how to drive. "I signed her up at the driving school, she really likes it. After the holidays I'll probably start looking at cars for her so I will call you so you can check it out for me. How's your daughter doing with the Saturn?" Wow, he remembered our conversation from over two months ago. I was impressed. Quite a difference from Dr. DoNothing who doesn't even remember me the next day!

Anyway, Dr. DoNothing's office never sent over the blood results as they were supposed to. I knew they would be incompetent so I went in person yesterday and walked out with them in hand. Naturally they assured me they would fax them right over to my rheumy and naturally I knew they wouldn't so took matters into my own hands. I will never use their lab again.

When I saw my numbers I was quite pleased. My cholesterol numbers have nothing to do with my rheumy but they were on the same sheet. I was supposed to see Dr. DoNothing yesterday before the rheumy but he had cancelled last week -- do I get a no-show fee? My triglycerides dropped from 575 to 155. My cholesterol level dropped from 249 to 183, and my good cholesterol level increased from 35 to 37. This happened over an eight week period. I've been on one cholesterol pill and the no/low sugar diet. I thought I was doing great weight-wise until I stepped on the scale at the rheumy's office. It wasn't as great as my scale showed -- I felt like I went to the butcher who keeps his thumb on the scale.

The real numbers my rheumy wanted to see were from the complete blood count and liver profile. Everything was normal. In fact I increased my red blood count so that I'm no longer anemic. I attribute it to the Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin B Complex with C regimen I added. I needed something to give me energy and those pills along with the folic acid seems to be a good mix.

Unfortunately the RA has not decreased and when the doctor poked and prodded me I jumped a wee bit. He amped up the MTX to 15mg from 10mg. I told him how I felt wiped out on the day and day after I took them. He said that was to be expected and I could double the folic acid on those days if needed. I could handle it, I just wanted to make sure it was "normal." Same with the pain -- I can handle it as long as it's "normal." He said I could take Tylenol and thought my wine cheat nights on Thursday and Friday were well thought out. As long as the liver keeps functioning I can keep it up.

I don't have to go back until twelve weeks and hope my next dosage doesn't do me in too much. Because of the RA I've adjusted my writing schedule so that as soon as I finish breakfast I jump right on the computer. I strive to get as much done as possible before my bones hurt too much or I become too weak. Once I have lunch I'm done with writing. So the blog has been and will continue to be taking a back seat for a while. The goal is to have revision # 3 of my book completed before Christmas. Then I can put it aside and enjoy the holidays and start the new year with a final fresh look. I'm so thrilled to be so near the finish line. With all the recent progress I've made I really think RA has been a blessing. I am living with a thankful heart...

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Have a happy Thanksgiving and I'll see ya when I see ya...

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