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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Whittling Twitter

The day I realized social media might very well be the end of me was the day I began following Sn00kie on Twitter. It's not what she was posting -- it wasn't like the Courtney Love chaotic mind-numbing posts which resulted in a quick unfollow -- I don't even read what Sn00kie writes. It's not her, it's me. Just the mere act of clicking on the follow icon for Sn00kie calls into question the capacity of every brain cell I have when they interact with social media. I don't even give a damn what she does, where she's gone, who she did, whatever. So why would I follow her? In fact, why do I follow the majority of people I follow? And why are the majority entertainment personalities?

Frankly, if you happen to post something within ten seconds before I sign in chances are I'll at least see your tweet, I may read, but far more likely just glance over, see your name, and ignore it. Nothing personal. I'm an equal opportunity ignorer. I also don't click on anyone to see what pearls of wisdom, what re-tweet, or what mayor of wherever they have become. When I first signed onto Twitter my primary goal was to read what the professionals in literature were up to. Except for a handful, after reading their tweets, they're up to the same shit as you and I are. I just happen not to post about the amazing tuna fish sandwich at wherever or the new seasonal Starbuck flavored brew.

As I became more and more disillusioned I began un-following. Those twits were just clogging up my scrolling screen. I didn't need their tweets getting between foursquare locations (whatever the hell that is) and giveaway contests tweets. Since I never win anything, even when I know my entry is the best, those tweets serve no purpose either.

Perhaps Twitter is best used as a device for business or publicity.

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I don't believe them. Based on the number of people who click into this blog when I tweet an update I'm not wasting my time on creating a business account.

The most useful feature of Twitter is the quick moving national news feed and a slower moving local news one. Reading local folks and national news is what I'm going to use Twitter for. Maybe now and then, just for yuk-yuks I'll post a link to my updated blog, but I couldn't possibly use it as a social interaction site. I'm too wordy. There's no way I could be as witty as I should be using only 142 characters. Impossible. I give high-fives to those who have mastered it. I respect you but I'm not bantering with you.

All I know is when I get some time I'm whittling down the Twitter list. The first to go is Sn00kie...

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  1. I once considered the possibility of creating a Twitter account specifically for the purpose of having every update suddenly cut off by the character limit. I'm too verbose. I can't say good morning in 142 characters.

  2. I have a Twitter account but for the most part don't even remember to log onto it. I guess I tweet once every few months, it has just never held my attention.

  3. I think most bloggers I know, especially those who are "verbose" aren't keen on Twitter...I think Twitter is better for those with a short attention span.