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Friday, September 3, 2010

Welsh Corgi

You know what really freaks me out? When I post about something and then later in the day check on my Gmail account and see all these ads popping up that has something to do with the post I wrote earlier in the day. I feel like I'm being watched and stalked by Google.

So for today's post I'm putting a picture of my Max, along with the words Welsh Corgi, Welsh Corgi, Welshi Corgi, Welsh Corgi, Welsh Corgi, Welsh Corgi, just to see what ads Google places in my Gmail account box later.

What do you think will show up? Oh, and for the record, I mentioned L'Oreal yesterday not Clairol!


  1. Good idea for an experiment. It will be interesting to see.

  2. Yup, the following links popped up already on the right side: 7 Welsh Corgi links and 1 for L'Oreal. Across the top is a site for the hearing impaired. Huh?

  3. Maybe you said "Welsh Corgi" one too many times and they thought you needed your hearing checked?? ;)

  4. Carrie, Haha!!!! Maybe you're right!