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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Olde Salem Days

On Saturday the girl and I strolled through Olde Salem Days, a yearly ritual for us. Usually it's held on the hottest day of the year. Luckily yesterday was nice and cool and rainy so it was much more pleasant to walk amongst the crowded streets, and I mean crowded! Oddly enough we did run into my friend who insisted on taking us to lunch as a thank you for the Liza Minnelli show we went to the night before. (A post on that will be coming soon!)

People are still as stupid as ever by choosing to walk their dogs through this sea of people. One guy even had a pit bull with him strolling the streets. Why? Why? Why? I don't get it. I was surprised to see the lack of anything reminding people it was 9/11. I expected to see at least flags or something, but the only thing I saw with 9/ll on it was this inspection sticker on an old convertible.

They had a slew of really nice antique cars and the girl and I decided we wouldn't mind a Rolls Royce...

The rest of the goods being sold was the same olde crap that's there every year. It's booth after booth of cheap trinkets, wood stuffs, football paraphernalia, crappy crafts, tacky decor, fattening foods, etc. Yet, I did buy three things, a couple of books from the library sale, some "lucky" bamboo...

and this treasure that I found in an antique shop, not in one of the booths...

It's an antique needlepoint put in a modern frame. The golden roses frame itself was worth the $12 I paid. I've always been drawn to these type of 18th century drawing room scenes. I could hear the harpsichord playing in the background when I pick up paintings or tapestries from that time period. This needlepoint reminded me of a similar print I already have which everyone seems to think is tacky except me...

Here's my latest treasure's new home. And it's now official...I do not have a square to spare, of wall that is, in my office.

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  1. I love going to concerts, especially for performers who don't come around that often. Congratulations on getting to see Liza.

    Nice car pictures!