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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yesterday's Mail

My son got his selective service number in the mail yesterday. Man, they don't waste any time.

My dead father got his "it's time to renew your medicare advantage" postcard in the mail yesterday. Man, these people are stupid.

I got a $30 rebate check from Adobe along with my $198 gas bill yesterday. Man, the rebate took long and I can't wait to be able to shut off my heat.

My son still did not get his birthday card from his grandmother yesterday. Man, some people never change.

My husband decided yesterday was the day to confront his mother. Yeah, that didn't go too well. But I'm proud of myself. I didn't jump into the fight even after she told her son that, "It's my choice if I want to send your son a birthday card on time or not." Now that's a weird thing to have a "choice" about, isn't it? "On time?" How about ever? She's been telling him since the first week of February that she had a birthday card for him, but it's still on her dresser. I guess it's too inconvenient to walk to the mailbox down the street. I wonder how she pays her bills.

There is no birthday card, just like there was no Christmas card. He's one of the forgotten grandchildren, the one who had the misfortune of being born from my loins and named after his father. Doubly cursed. His sister gets acknowledged "once in a blue moon", actually twice that I could remember in her 16 years, and probably only because she's got that damn bone problem. The boy? Not so much. Never. The girl actually did get a card from her this year only a month after her 16th birthday. I guess my husband's mother "chose" to wait a month for her too.

It's pretty sad that my son wrote on the kitchen calendar on March 11, a full month after his 18th birthday..."Call dad's mom and and tell her she's a liar." I noticed he wrote, Dad's mom, not grandma...Grandma has been dead for ten years...this one is Dad's mom, and hardly one at that.


  1. I feel your pain. The boy's parents don't acknowledge my kids' birthdays. I will say that they did treat them equally for Christmas. They live in town.

    My parents live 5 hours away and have only met his children once, yet sent Valentine's day cards, birthday cards, etc.

    I'm thankful for my parents who understand, like I do, that the boy and his kids are a package deal.

  2. I feel your (and your kids') pain as well. Looks like you've raised some pretty strong kids though, so kudos to you both.
    Love how bills arrive so quickly and rebates take forever.
    Murphy's Law rules.