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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tech Support Cheat Link

Whenever something goes wrong with my computer I yell for my son to come and fix it. After all he has taken a number of computer classes and wants to get a degree in computer science so he should know absolutely everything there is to know about computers, right? When he doesn't I get really annoyed..."Aren't you going to school for this?!" To say his patience is wearing thin would be an understatement as he tries to explain for the millionth time what exactly he's going to school for. JAVA, HTML, BYOB, whatever...I still don't get it. All I know it's computers, so get to fixing mine boy.

After our last "little tiff" my son sent this to me because he thought I "needed" it. Actually he said I don't "need" it...I NEED it, and that this was made for me. Hrmph! BTW, I won't tell you how long it was taking me to figure out how to put this chart on my blog before I had to break down and call my son to do it for me, in two seconds. Wiseguy!


  1. CLASSIC!!!

    I'm tech support for my wife...and this will be passed along.

  2. Being tech support here, I can relate. Funny cartoon!

  3. LOVE IT! I need one of those for my in laws!