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Friday, February 28, 2014

Nutrisystem Jumpstart Day 3

It's been three days since I had any sort of bread so yesterday's Honey Wheat Bagel was a big hit for me. Although I wouldn't consider it a "real" bagel, it was quite satisfying. The real star of the meal though was the Greek Yogurt/Cream Cheese spread on top of it. Nutrisystem didn't say if anything should go on it, but I certainly couldn't eat the bagel dry so I thought this new discovery at 45 calories per tablespoon was a perfect complement to it.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 170. Fat 2g-3%. Sat Fat .5g-3%. Sodium 250mg-10%. Carbs 33g-11%. Fiber 4g-16%. Sugar 2g. Protein 5g. Calcium 6%. Iron 6%

This breakfast had one of the lowest sugar and sodium contents thus far. It was also one of the tastiest. Pass.

Nutrasystem's "bars" seem to the best thing in their repertoire, so I enjoyed the Double Chocolate Caramel Bar I had for lunch. Clearly that wouldn't be enough so I supplemented it with the leftover kale from the night before.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 190. Fat 7g-11%. Sat Fat 5g-25%. Sodium 170mg-7%. Carbs 28g-9%. Fiber 6g-24%. Sugars 11g. Protein 9g. Calcium 6%. Iron 10%.

It was nice and high in fiber content so I made it all the way to dinner without fainting. Although the sugar was high, I will give this a Pass, especially for taste.

By far the worst meal I've had thus far was yesterday's dinner. It was Chicken Pot Pie. Horrible, barely edible. The "crust" was a slab of some sort of rock hard bread-like thingie that I couldn't cut. Even soaking in the mush it didn't soften up. If I wasn't starving I would have thrown it out before eating half of it. Luckily I had a small zucchini and Roma tomato in the house which I grilled with fat-free olive oil spray and seasoned with garlic salt and pepper. That was delicious.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 270. Fat 9g-14%. Sat Fat 3.5g-18%. Cholesterol 30mg-10%. Sodium 590mg-25%. Carbs 34g-11%. Fiber 3g-12%. Sugars 2g. Protein 13g. Vitamin A 15%. Vitamin C 25%. Calcium 2%. Iron 10%

Not only was this the worst tasting meal but also the least healthy one. 270 calories and 590mg Sodium makes this one a major Fail!

The Chocolate Chip Cookies were another good dessert...very crunchy and tasty. Once again, Bella stole the wrapper so I am unable to report the nutritional values, but based on taste alone I will give this a Pass.

Except for the crappy pot pie, yesterday's meals were a pretty good selection. I must confess I felt the need to step on the scale this morning. I stepped on in not once, not twice, but three times to make sure I was reading it right. Five pounds gone as of today! I needed that inspiration to get through today's meals...I can do this!