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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nutrisystem Jumpstart Day 4

Day Four's breakfast was Granola Cereal. I thought it was a wee bit small, but it actually filled me up and held me to lunch. Quite tasty as well.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 160. Fat 2.5g-3%. No Sat Fats! Sodium 90mg-4%. Carbs 31g-10%. Fiber 3g-11%. Sugars 11g. Protein 4g. 13 different Vitamins and Minerals ranging from 2%dv to 40%.

Low calories, low sodium, packed with vitamins and flavor make this breakfast a major Pass.

Red Beans & Rice which consisted of kidney beans and rice with chicken sausage in a spicy sauce was lunch. As you can see from the bowl, it's pretty tiny. There were three slivers of chicken sausage in it. It was just okay, nothing to write home about. I needed to supplement it with some grapes about three hours after I ate it.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 170. Fat 2.5g-4%. Sat Fat 0.5g-3%. Cholesterol 10mg-3%. Sodium 530mg-22%. Carbs 31g-10%. Fiber 5g-20%. Sugars 1g. Protein 9g. Vitamin A 20%. Vitamin C 120%. Calcium 2%. Iron 10%.

Other than the very high sodium the rest of the numbers were good. I especially liked the low calories and high Vitamin C content. Begrudgingly I will give this a Pass.

The highest calorie meal for Day Four was dinner's...Chicken Alfredo. Once prepared it looked nothing like the package it came in. The sauce was no Alfredo but it wasn't half bad, tasted like it had mushrooms in it. The noodles were few and far between and were so mushy I couldn't tell if I was eating them or lumps of sauces. I really disliked the chicken chunks. The consistency of them was horrible, stringy and mushy at the same time.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 250. Fat 6g-9%. Sat Fat 3g-15%. Cholesterol 45mg-16%. Sodium 590mg-25%. Carbs 29g-10%. Fiber 4g-18%. Sugars 5g. Protein 20g. Vitamin A 2%. Calcium 10%. Iron 4%.

Lousy taste, poor consistency, high calories, cholesterol and sodium make this entree a Fail.

Dessert was a bag of popcorn. We got a big laugh out of that. It didn't even cover the bottom of the bucket that we fill when we go to the movies! This was the worst dessert I had thus far. The popcorn had a strange taste to it, very artificial and the kernels were hard to chew. It was so lousy I didn't bother finishing the bag.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 140. Fat 7g-10%. Sat Fat .5g-3%. Sodium 140mg-6%. Carbs 16g-5%. Fiber 4g-15%. Protein 4g. Vitamin A 150%. Iron 2%.

Although there was a high Vitamin A content, I don't think the popcorn was worth 140 calories so I give this a Fail.

Here is the final day's meals. I already had the breakfast bar which was good. I am not looking forward to the dinner which is pizza, based on the bread-like slab that was on the Chicken Pot Pie and the sauce that was on the Lasagna. The picture on the box looks like it has both of those ingredients and at 270 calories and the other nutrition facts on the box I'm thinking I may just pass on this and opt for something else...maybe sashimi. I haven't had a drink in five days and I think I could reward myself with some sake. We'll see...but for now I am off to glide!

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