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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nutrisystem Jumpstart Day 1 Review

When I last left you yesterday I had just eaten my breakfast muffin. It was a good two hours before I began to get hungry. For lunch I had the Fudge Graham Bar.

For those interested in the nutritional facts: Calories, 200. Total Fat 7g-11%, Sat Fat 4.5g-23%, Cholesterol 5mg-2%, Sodium 190mg-8%, Total Carb 22g-7%, Fiber 3g-12%, Sugars 12g, Protein 14g, Calcium 6%, Iron 15%.

The bar was quite tasty, but didn't fill me up. I looked on the pamphlet and it said I could also have 2 vegetable servings with it so I opted for 1/4 cup hummus with some celery sticks.

I felt hungry in the afternoon, which was probably the wrong time to go food shopping. However, I was a "good girl" and just bought what was on my list including fat-free cottage cheese, fat-free Greek Yogurt, fat-free salad dressing, fat-free Feta cheese, some fresh veggies, and fruit. According to the Nutrisystem JumpStart plan, I can add 1 Smartcarb and 1 Powerful snack twice a day. They recommend their shakes, bars, or patty, but I prefer the above. I also drank lots of water.

For dinner I had the Lasagna with Meat Sauce. One word...disgusting. It barely resembled lasagna and I don't think even folks who are not schooled in proper lasagna preparation, would add a pinto bean, a pea, or three kernels of corn when they make it. Thank goodness I cooked a couple of fresh mushrooms in fat-free olive oil spray and placed them on top, or I probably wouldn't have eaten it. I made a small salad with cucumbers, red onion, tomatoes in a smidge of fat-free balsamic dressing.

The "lasagna" nutritional facts: Calories 280! Total Fat 8g-12%, Sat Fat 4g-20%, Cholesterol 35mg-12%, Sodium 590mg-25%, Fiber 3g-12%, Sugars 6g, Protein 17g, Vitamin A 2%, Vitamin C 4%, Calcium 20%, Iron 15%.

I'm going to look at a Lean Cuisine Lasagna the next time I get to the store to see what the differences in nutritional values are. I've had some of their pasta dishes and they are way, way tastier. One of the hardest parts for me was cooking two other meals for my family. The boys had beef stroganoff, and the girl had pasta with butter. I already told them I won't be able to do that again and they're on their own the next four days. Lucky for them the boys have leftovers for tonight, and the girl will be working.

Around 9:30 I had my dessert, a Cheesecake Flavored Bar. Out of the four Nutrisystem "meals" I had this was the best tasting one. I'm sorry I cannot provide the nutritional information other than it was 150 calories, as Bella grabbed the wrapper and tore it to shreds.

A couple of observations of Day One: During the day other than one brief period which caused me to reach for a handful of grapes, I really didn't feel "starving," but my stomach made insane loud gurgling noises. I also frequented the ladies room more than usual. And by the evening it was like a flock of geese had entered my house. During the middle of the night I awoke very hungry feeling an emptiness in my belly. That never happens to me. Tonight I will keep a glass of water by the bed. I didn't have enough energy for my usual workout, so instead of using the glider I stayed on the bicycle.

Here's what's in store for me today...

Yum, yum...Not looking forward to the Chicken Soup lunch or the Rotini and Meatballs dinner.

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