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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

RA Follow-Up

Yesterday I had my follow-up appointment with my new rheumatologist. She asked how I felt after being off the Methrotrexate for seven weeks. I told her no different than when I was on it. She rated my pain which was a good day yesterday, only a 2. This is weird because everyone around me has been complaining how they are aching due to the impending snow storm. I usually ache too but nothing this time. My right hand was a little swollen but that's probably because I am a righty and use it too much on that stupid iPhone. She squeezed and prodded all the places where RA is known to be and I didn't feel any pain. We spoke again about my last test results and it is her opinion that I do not have rheumatoid arthritis. When I asked her again why my last doctor wanted me to go on Enbrel then, she stated I should probably ask him, but then added that when a doctor makes a diagnosis it could be hard for them to back off of it. Hmmmm.

I asked her if she wanted all my records transferred from the old Rheumy and she said no. That tells me she doesn't value his opinion and will rely on her own tests and observations. The only test she wanted to take was a liver panel to see how it was doing. She recommended I keep using the arthritis gloves, capascian rub, and paraffin wax treatments. She didn't think adding Milk Thistle to my vitamin regiment was a good idea as it's not been "proven" to really help with all the claims it makes, and is not under FDA approval so one does not know what else they put in the capsules. I've Googled it myself and feel it can't hurt so am going to continue with it.

She also did not think I have fibromyalgia and said she hates putting that label on someone. It would be different if I was in constant pain, etc. but I'm not. I do have a wee bit of osteoarthritis but not bad enough to be put on any medication. She did not prescribe any medications for me. She also thinks if I lose some weight I will feel much better, and said it was important that I sweat when I work out. I did when I first started, but I really don't any more which means my body has hit a plateau and that's why I lost only 3 pounds in 7 weeks. I have to amp my routines up and she suggested I get a tai chi dvd and add that to my daily ritual.

She doesn't want to see me until June unless I develop some pain, etc. She's pregnant and is going to give birth in two months which alarmed me, but assures me she will return some time in May. Three hours after the lab took blood I received a notification from MyChart that my results were in. There were mixed results...some numbers were better and some were worse, but all within the high normal range. She noted she wasn't too concerned and will wait until the next visit to see how they were doing. I think I may have gone off the wagon a wee bit too much starting from Christmas and going forth. I was so happy to be off the MTX thinking I could drink again, that I may have taken it too far. Now that I've gotten it out of my system and see my liver is still not where it should be I will go back to my weekend only drinking.

I was supposed to see Dr. DoNothing on January 10th. When I called his office to cancel they asked if I wanted to reschedule. I told them not at that time. I never called back and surprise, surprise, they never called me to see what's going on. I've decided to take the high road and not bother confronting him with his misdiagnosis. What good is it going to do me? It will only aggravate and stress me out, creating only darkness. Rather, I am opening the light inside me and thanking whoever whispered in Jesus' ear to help me, because I do believe divine intervention must have had a hand in it.


  1. I do Tai Chi to a video by David Dorian Ross. He has an AM Tai Chi routine that I love; it leaves me feeling wonderful and I've even chased away a migraine with it. He gets a little backwards in his directions but if you follow the movements and not his voice it's fine. This one also has a pm tai chi routine:

  2. Thanks Anita...Cox used to have an exercise channel and I was hoping to find something on there, but they must have done away with it. I planned on getting to Target today to buy a dvd, but the snow had other thoughts.