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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Girl at the Beach

I'm so happy my daughter enjoyed herself at the beach. The rest of her summer is pretty much going to suck...


  1. Those are some amazing photos! Your daughter is lovely, but that smile—wow. She looks like she really lights up a room :-) I especially loved the one where she's walking toward the waves.

  2. Fun photos! She is lovely, Elena!


  3. You have such a beautiful daughter!! I am glad she had a good time, and I'll be sending her lots of wishes for strength & good vibes for the road ahead of her this Summer.

    -- PS -- I need her to teach me to line eyes like that! WOW!! Hmm .. make-up lessons in exchange for mac & cheese and hot cocoa??? ;)

  4. Thanks girls!

    Just dropped by for a moment. Yesterday was her surgery in Charlottesville. As she was about to go into the OR a tornado struck and all the power went out all over the city including UVA! It was unbelievable. She's a trooper and is doing great...I'll blog about it when I don't feel like a zombie.