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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CT Scan

The girl may have gotten excused from all her school exams, but unfortunately she had to head to Charlottesville yesterday to take this one. And yet she's still smiling...

This was her first CT-scan. Her surgeon ordered it because two of the tumors on her legs are behind her knees and nerves are wrapped around them. That's why she sometimes crumbles to the ground unable to walk or cries in pain because she can't straighten her leg. I'm assuming this will help him get a better view of their exact locations so she won't wind up with nerve damage or worse, paralyzed, when he removes them. My daughter said she could feel the radio waves pulsating through legs her "man, that felt weird" and also said that I wouldn't be able to handle a CT scan because I would get "seasick" from the movements. She's probably right since I was the one who pressed the "panic button" to let me out of one of those simulator rides we tried at NASA. The kids will never let me live down my outburst during The Mission to Mars, "Help!!!! This is the worst vacation ever!!!! Get me outta here!"

One highlight of her Charlottesville adventures is that she gets to stop at Cracker Barrel in Waynesboro which according to her, "Makes the best macaroni and cheese and hot chocolate in the entire state of Virginia." Sometimes it's the little things that make us happy and we gladly welcome them...God, I love this kid!!!


  1. You have a courageous daughter.

    Your post reminded me of the Cracker Barrel gift card I need to spend.

  2. Thanks Slam, she really is :)

    Maybe I should get her one of those CB gift cards!

  3. Bless her heart! Give her a hug from the Tate gang and let her know that we think she is one brave girl. And I agree - CB is one special place!

  4. You definitely have a very strong daughter. Congrats to you on raising such good kids.

    PS ~ Some day I will make her my killer mac & cheese along with my Salem-Famous hot cocoa. :)

  5. Thanks Carrie, I'm sure she'll take you up on that ;)