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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Racoon Returns

"I haven't been at this restaurant in a while! It really went downhill when the cats started coming around..."

"Hmmmm, looks like they updated the sushi bar..."

"Ah, I just love these swim up to the bar joints..."

"Now where the hell's that cabana boy with fresh towels? My tail needs to be blown out!"

"If it doesn't rain I'll be back tomorrow -- it's two for one koi night!"


  1. Oh, Elena! This one has me laughing at my computer! I love it! Sorry you are loosing your fish though but at least you found the culprit! I think I need one of these cameras to find out what varmit is eating my sunflowers and beans! I am also ready to purchase a lot of goldfish for my ponds....hummmmm.

  2. Ha Ha... I visit one blog that has had a raccoon visiting them for 2 years now.


  3. Cheryl, stay away from the Koi...they love the expensive sushi!

    Di, We've had racoons for over two years now. This guy looks like a different one, slimmer than the others, but I'm sure that'll change after he eats all our fish!

  4. I think you need a humane trap. Good luck.

  5. Anita, we tried that...the only critters it captured were cats, possums and skunks! The racoon's too wily for it.

  6. OMG! What a sneaky little guy! I chuckled at the pictures. My mother in law has trouble with the naughty raccoons fishing in her pond too.

  7. Portia, they are so tricky, but a trip to watch. I just love my game camera!!!

  8. Elena,
    Sorry for your troubles, but what great photos and captions!