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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poor "Dan Mustaf"

I received the following e-mail from "Dan Mustaf." I wonder how many other people got the same letter and if any of them are stupid enough to actually contact Dan. There was one guy I think on "Intervention" who actually fell for many scams similar to this one and sent, I believe, over $600,000 over a time period in order to cash in. What I can't understand is if he had $600,000 to begin with why would he even bother? Also, why didn't his family stop him before he ruined their lives?

At least Dan's letter is a little different than the usual scam from Nigeria, and he didn't use the names Smith or Jones and instead went with Mustaf and Abdul which is probably the equivalent to Smith or Jones in the Arab world. Poor poor Dan doesn't trust anyone...

"Hello Dear,

I am Mr. Dan Mustaf,

My purpose of writing to you is this: there is a business deal of Ј25Million
that I did with one Mr. Mohammed Abdul which we agreed that he will take 30%
while I take 70% now I have transferred Ј10Million to him and he collected the
money 7days ago, he called me three today ago and say I should go to hell that I
will never see him again.

The balance of the deal which is Ј15million was transferred four days ago to one
of the Arab country which I will tell you as we go on.

I don’t have any one now who can receive this Ј15Million and the must difficult
thing for me now is I don’t trust any one any more.

I want to see if you can help me in getting and keeping the money till I come I
can give you 30%. If you are capable reply me now with your name and your phone
number so that we can discus before we proceed.

Mr. Mustaf"


  1. He's secretly part of Pelosi and Obama's team. They're trying to raise money for this new healthcare thing.

  2. I get those all the time. They're an annoyance.