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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Eating Through Roanoke

I can't believe it's Thursday already...that means I have only two more days left to spend with my cousin. I miss him already and he hasn't even left yet. I haven't been productive in the writing department but have exceeded my expectations in the laughter field. The shop shit can wait another can the taxes and my diet. Priorities, you know.

I only deviated once from my "a week in the life of me in Roanoke" theme by bringing my cousin to a restaurant that I had never been to before which wasn't on my "routine list." I should have stuck with the plan because so far the only disappointing meal he's had has been at Meze. The ambiance was nice...I particularly liked this wall sconce...

But found the electric candles to be tacky and unnecessary...

As far as the food went..."Overpriced and overcooked" was the way he summed it up. I agreed. That was the worst Moussaka I've ever eaten, and ended up being glad the $11 portion (that was supposed to be a full-sized meal) was so tiny. I could barely see through all the parsley they sprinkled on the plate and food, covering the coagulated cheese on top, which should have had a nice bechamel sauce oozing off of it. The cauliflower "tapas" were burnt. The waiter said that was just the spices they put on it that caused it be be black. Uh, yeah, no. I won't go through all the other crappy dishes we had but will give a bit of praise to one...the goat cheese and pear salad. Delicioso. If I only had eaten that I would be praising this place instead of passing by it the next time I'm downtown.

Other local restaurants we've been at include Macados (just because), Star City Cafe (he said it has the best coffee so far, everyplace else is weak, weak, weak), Sakura (his favorite so far...loved the seasoning on the scallops and the white cream sauce), Bastians BBQ (wanted to try Southern cooking and he really liked the pork pull and herbed lemon chicken), Viva La Cupcake (cupcake was just ok, but too expensive for size, coffee too weak, owner really nice), Nawab's lunch buffet (loved the vegetarian dishes) and El Rodeo (praised the salsa and tamales.) My cousin the chef has given a thumbs up to every place except Meze. My waist is crying. I've not only fallen off the diet but have put back everything I lost. I'm not going to fret right now. I'm having too much fun. On today's menu...Chinese (gulp!) and Italian...Ciao!


  1. Sounds like you are a good host.

    Chinese and Italian food in the same week? I need a menu like that.

  2. Slam, same week? Ha, same day!

  3. Wow, I couldn't eat two meals like that in a day! Enjoy your time together.

  4. I've been to 2 cupcake places here in Roanoke and disappointed by both. Over-priced and the frosting gags me. Roanoke is in need of better eating establishments that's for sure.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  5. Di, I was disappointed with both cupcake joints too...I'm just not a cupcake person. Would love to see a real bakery in Roanoke.