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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Having Fun Being Awkward

Since my kids said I was "awkward" I've been having a blast playing it up. Anything I do I preface with, "Would it be awkward if I....", or if I already did something I end with, "Gee, I hope that wasn't awkward...." One of my favorite use of the word has been when they ask me for something, like oh let's say gas money..."Don't you find it awkward asking me for money?" They don't.

I'm not the only one throwing the word around haphazardly...they've joined in and are doing it too, dramatically rolling their eyes while exclaiming, "Oh my God, that is really awkward" even when I'm performing the most mundane task that clearly is not awkward.

So I thought I would have even more fun with it by setting up a Facebook group called, "My Kids Think I'm Awkward." I'm sure there are many parents out there whose kids feel the same way about them as mine do about me. I thought it would be a fun place to vent and/or post what we do that makes our kids think we're awkward. I do have to tip my hat to my son for being politically correct in saying I'm awkward instead of what he probably really feels, "You're embarrassing me."

I asked my kids to help me set the group up but they wouldn't as apparently even thinking about creating the group reinforces my awkwardness. So I took their advice of "Google is your friend" and did the best I could by myself. They don't think I'll get people to join the group...I think they're wrong. I can't be the only awkward parent around!

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  1. Way to go...that's the way to embrace to madeness! LOL