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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Garst Mill in Sepia

On my other blog, MsElenaeousPics I posted some shots of the Roanoke River in black & white which signifies the end of winter to me. Sunny and in the 60's during yesterday's walk, I switched to sepia for Garst Mill Park...a little bit closer to spring...

If you look real close you can see bulbs pushing through...not much longer til spring...hang in there!


  1. Wow, I love the sepia! It makes these photos look so timeless. Gorgeous pictures. Yay for it being almost spring.

  2. Thanks it finally warming up in Kansas? Any more snow?

  3. Up North we are actually seeing sun and 40+ degrees as well.

    I like your photos; especially the one of the small waterfall.

  4. I used to live right up Willowlawn from Garst Mill Park.

  5. We had a bright spot of warmth over the weekend. Thunderstorms now! It's funny, but your pictures so much remind me of my dad's hometown in Southern Missouri.