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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Booker T. Washington National Monument

Yesterday a couple of us visited the Booker T. Washington National Monument for its History Comes Alive Weekend. "Learn about life as it was for Booker T. Washington and other residents on a Civil War era tobacco plantation from the park staff and volunteers in mid-19th century period dress."

Unfortunately, only one volunteer showed up. This lovely woman who sat in the blazing sun in her mourning dress.

Although I was a wee bit disappointed I wouldn't see any actual churning of the butter, I have to say I was quite impressed with the grounds and set-up,


as I was with Booker's life story.

Born April 5, 1856 on the Burroughs tobacco farm. In 1861 his "value" was $400.

Died in 1915 and buried at Tuskegee, the secondary school for blacks he founded. His philosophy was  hard work builds character. He and his students constructed Tuskegee themselves, brick by brick, even manufacturing their own bricks.
Below are some pictures I took throughout the park. The park ranger said there would be more volunteers today and the Living History weekend runs through tomorrow. If you go make sure you watch the film first, and when you leave, please consider buying at least a little something as there is no admission and the park is in desperate need of funds. Enjoy!
The cabin where Booker, his mother who was a cook, and his sister lived.

Inside his cabin

The tobacco drying house

The blacksmith's shop

There were quite a few farm animals. I'll assume you don't need descriptions...

The Summer Living History Weekends runs today and tomorrow from 10-4. The address is 12130 Booker T. Washington Highway, Hardy, VA 24101.
For more information call Park Rangers at: 540-721.2094.

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  1. Good trip, and you caught me petting a hog! lol