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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

TWA Flight 800 Memorial

Before we even thought about tackling the Brooklyn basement, we went out to Long Island to visit with my husband's family. They live a couple of miles away from Fire Island and his uncle was kind enough to take a couple of us to visit the TWA Flight 800 Memorial site.

It's right on the beach,

behind a bar, which struck me as a little odd...

but I guess it is what it is, and that's where many pieces of the plane wound up. Some of the passengers' possessions are buried under this "tail."

This wall lists the names of all the lives lost...

And the flags represent the countries they came from.

It's very sad reading all the flagstones...

but it's really a beautiful monument in the midst of a beautiful beach. Definitely worth a visit the next time you find yourself out on Long Island.

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