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Friday, September 20, 2013

Greenwood Cemetery in the Summer

Before we tackled the basement I felt like I needed some divine help so we headed to Greenwood Cemetery to visit my parents. I had hoped to be able to go on Greenwood's Trolley Tour this visit, but alas, once again, it was not to be. I love taking photos every time I go because with each season it's more beautiful than the last season. Here are some summer shots...

This was the first shot I took. My parents' grave is on the left in front. Notice the mist in the middle of the shot. It was a beautiful, clear, sunny day without any fog whatsoever.

This is the view from their resting place.

As we were looking at the pond, the white heron came to say hello.

Greenwood was hit pretty hard from Hurricane Sandy and they're still repairing many gravestones.

Many stones are so old you cannot read them.

Black Moccasin, chief of the Hidasta Indians, is a bronze statue by John Coleman, based on a painting by George Catlin who is buried at Greenwood. Since he arrived in July of 2012 he has been my guide and has made finding my parents much easier.

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