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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why I Watched the Jodi Arias Trial

I am a trial watcher, and although I didn't follow the Jodi Arias trial from day one, I've watched enough to realize that she is a sociopath. The more I heard about her actions, the more I became involved hoping justice would be served. And once I saw her testify, that was it. I was convinced that she was full of shit. You see, I have dealt with a sociopath before and the behavior Arias exhibits mirrors what I have observed firsthand.

In no particular order, here are signs of a sociopath that you should watch for...

Compulsive liar -- If they repeat the lies enough time it becomes their truth. Since they believe they are smarter than you, they are convinced they will sway you to believe them. They usually have a "silver tongue." If that doesn't work they will employ other means for you to become "sympathetic" to their cause.

Chameleon -- They will become whatever they need to become and tell you what they think you want to hear.

Charming -- They will hang on your every word without ever hearing you.

Dead Eyes -- They look right through you. It's as if they're looking beyond you to see if something better is coming along.

Manipulator -- They will search out what triggers your emotions and use that knowledge against you.

Fast Movers -- Once they glom on to you, they will try to convince you you are meant to be together, often times saying they are your "soul mate" with the goal to become your roommate, or better yet, spouse.

Aliases -- One name may not be enough. The more names they use, the harder it is to trace their backgrounds.

TMI -- They offer too much information without any substance. They have the gift of gab. They know everything, yet reveal little about their pasts. When confronted with a "discrepancy" they will deflect and drone on and on and on about something else. They are exhausting.

Narcissistic -- Me, me, me, me, me. Everything is about them. No one else matters.

Isolation -- They will try to keep you away from your family and friends, especially those that are "on to them." They will instigate situations hoping to create a fight between you and the ones that truly love you. They want you all for themselves.

Can't Take Rejection -- Don't know how to take no for an answer. Almost impossible to break up with them. They will continue to stalk you and use whatever is in their "arsenal" to get you back. If they are a woman it's usually sex. If that fails they may resort to the "If I can't have you, nobody will" action.

Conniving -- Will try to cover their tracks by performing actions that suggest that had no knowledge of a situation, from a benign event to something horrific like a person's death.

Victim -- They are always the victim.

No Responsibility -- It's always someone else's fault that caused them to commit a despicable action.

No Remorse -- The only thing they're sorry about is that they got caught.

Resilient -- If they fail at a particular attempt they easily divert their energies and focus on another goal. Sometimes it's another victim. Sometimes it's another way to bring more attention to themselves.

Know the signs of a sociopath, and if someone you love begins interacting with one, let them know of your concerns. Unfortunately, by the time my father listened to me, it was too late. He's dead. I didn't want to write Fractured Facade, but I knew I had to. I am sad to say I am not surprised by the emails and comments I've received from those who read the book and have encountered something similar. There are many sociopaths that slither among us. Thankfully, Jodi Arias will not be one of them any longer.

Whether Arias lives or dies I refuse to watch or read any interview she gives. Her fifteen minutes went on far too long. The best way to stop a sociopath is to take the power away from them. Ignore them. Grant them no attention. They don't deserve it. Sociopaths don't just hurt their victims, they destroy the victim's family and friends as well.

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