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Friday, May 17, 2013

Powerball? Hey, You Never Know...

Before I play Powerball or MegaMillions the prize has to be way up there. So yes, today I played both. I know the odds of me actually winning are ridiculous, but I look at it this's a 50/50 shot...either I win, or I won't. Getting struck by lightning is supposed to be rare, but I've had three encounters with a bolt, one at this house, and two others at my old house in Brooklyn, so you never know.

It's been an "odd" week here. First I stumbled upon a phone message saved on my cellphone that I never knew was there. It was from my cousin JP who died a year and a half ago. I cannot tell you the joy I felt hearing his voice, "Hey's me." I cannot tell you the sadness I felt knowing that I couldn't return his call, "Call me back." It had to be on there well over 2-3 years since he called from his job and he had been out of work a while.

On the same phone I have the last text messages he sent me. Every time I have to clear my messages I do them one at a time so his remains. Now that I pressed "save" after hearing his voice message, Verizon informed me it will only stay on the phone for 21 days. I plan on resaving it every 21 days until I find my digital recorder so I could record it and then transfer it over to my computer. My phone is over 6 years old, it's not a smart one, and one of the reasons I have not upgraded is because of those texts.

The following night as I was performing my insomniac ritual of flicking through the channels, I stumbled upon "Dog Day Afternoon." And who do I see in the middle of the crowd shot outside the bank? Yup, my cousin JP! I spotted him immediately only because I knew he was there. It made me smile. 

All week there have been strange knocks, bangs, doors opening and closing, whispers in my daughter's ear, and Bella freaking out and barking at nothing I can see, but apparently she does. I started to think maybe we're being visited. Maybe it's my cousin. His birthday is next week. Maybe he's trying to tell me something. I'm Sicilian...I believe in signs and listening to that little voice. I don't know if my cousin is with me, but just in case he is, I thought to myself, "I think I will play the lottery using his and my birthday numbers." So that's it...I spent a couple of bucks on our numbers.

Hey, you never know...Too bad there's not enough money in the world to bring him back.

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