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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ain't She Sweet? Not...

Awww, ain't she sweet? She just can't bear to be away from Mommy, even for a minute. Try as she might. she cannot claw her way through that glass window.

"Mommy, come inside NOW!"

If only the sweet, baby girl would let me put a collar and leash on her I would bring her in the front with me. But, no, she will not allow it. After all, it does paralyze her.

"Carry me, carry me, carry ME!"

Sorry honey you'll just have to wait a couple more minutes and I'll be back inside. Here I come. Where are you? Oh, on my bed, on the freshly washed sheets? Wait a second, what is that? Did you just pee on my bed? You spiteful little bitch! As if I don't have enough to do around here! And I just washed that mattress cover too! You freaking better hide!!! No ice cream for you today!!!

So cute, but oh, so bad! I don't know if it's the breed or the sex, but one thing's for more high maintenance female Malti-Zhu's. If I ever become insane enough to get another dog, I'm sticking to male Corgi's.

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