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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Megan Jean & the KFB

It's always exciting when I "discover" a new musical talent that I fall in love with. It's a rare occurrence, and even more rare when the singer is a female. I'm the first to admit I'm jaded when it comes to women singing...there are only a few that I have on my mp3 player (shhh, don't laugh about my mp3 player as I still listen to audio cassettes as well.) Patti Smith, Courtney Love, Billie Holiday & Souxsie Sioux are the chosen ones on my limited capacity player. After my recent purchase of two Cd's, it looks like I'm going to have to delete some songs to make room for "Dead Woman Walking" and "The Devil Herself" by Megan Jean and the KFB.

Facebook finally became useful when it alerted me to a performance on Tuesday evening of Megan Jean at the Roanoke City Library. I had never heard of this husband and wife duet before, but after reading some of the comments decided to Youtube them. I heard this...

Intrigued, and having my Brooklyn cousin -- my musical soul partner -- in town proved to be the perfect storm. We arrived at the library a couple of minutes late. In front of us was a woman strumming with steel fingertips a washboard, keeping beat on a drum with her foot,  whacking the snare with her left hand & marrying them with her stunning vocals. To her right stood her husband picking a beautiful black banjo. And that's orchestra coming from two. It works.

Sorry my pictures suck. The performance reminded me of touring troubadours, gypsies, and a voodoo queen from New Orleans. Although Annie Lenox, Patti Smith, Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse, and a couple of others were named, my cousin and I couldn't quite determine "who" she sounded like. Herself, I guess. Besides putting on a animated show, I found Megan Jean to be entertaining and likable with her segue stories. They had just arrived in VA after a stint in Florida's gulf coast during Spring Break Week. She joked they were not her target audience. I bet. My cousin and & I were. So much so that after the show I bought both of her Cd's.

She mentioned they will be appearing at Martin's in May. I'm definitely going. They're also be playing FloydFest. That's not my scene, but I know it's popular here, so I recommend anyone going definitely check out what time they'll be playing. Get close to the stage.

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