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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finally Free for the Nook!

Well, well, well, lookie at that...Barnes & Noble finally made The Valentine's Day Curse free!

This is the first time I can actually offer Nook readers something for nothing. I certainly hope they take advantage of it.

So now the last hold-out is Amazon. Unless people, ahem, you dear readers, report to Amazon that the book is free on B&N, iTunes & Kobo they will continue to price it at 99 cents.

I really would like to have this short story be free everywhere without having to become exclusive to Amazon so will give it 90 days. After that period if the download numbers do not reflect well on all sites besides Amazon, I may have no other choice but to indenture myself again.

I would love to give it a trial run without the exclusivity, so if you can help me out here I'd be most grateful! Thanks!!!

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