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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cat Dog

The way Bella perches on the top of furniture, I'm starting to think she is part cat. She can certainly be sneaky like a cat.

 "Let me just put my two paws in the window while looking at Mom and she'll not notice what I'm doing."

"Haha, success! I could see Mom, but I know she can't see me through these blinds."

"Drat! I think she may have noticed me. I"ll give her my disinterested yawn. That always works."

"Not this time. What Mom? Can't I stay in my secret clubhouse a little longer?"

"Dinner? Did you say dinner? I'm coming!!"


  1. Love it! I have a cat dog too! She's a smart pooch. :D

  2. Barb, she's really made it her clubhouse. I found two balls, some chewies and her doll in there. Too funny...

  3. I think I have a dog cat. He heels better than my dogs.