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Monday, October 29, 2012

Fallen Trees

Nope, this post has nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy. This is the land where some fallen trees lay somewhere deep in Roanoke County.

My husband made a deal with the land owner to buy the logs which is a win-win-win. The land owner has his property cleaned out and wallet fattened, my husband envisions future furniture building, and a friend feels a warm winter ahead.

So, he and his friend have spent the last couple of weekends loading trunks of various trees on the back of a flatbed, the best of which will make their way to a mill. He hopes they were saved in time and haven't rotted through. They really gave a push this past weekend trying to get ahead of Hurricane Sandy.

This is the first shot of what will one day be my dining room table...Since the cut wood has to be dried out before my husband can begin this massive undertaking, and he has to find the time to "fit it in", I hope I'm still alive to see the end result.

Apparently, Lowe's has really crappy wood that is not only expensive, but often defective and bows. According to my husband, going directly to the source, the forest, is a woodworker's dream. Sure it's hard work, and not cheap to mill the logs, but it produces the finest wood. Whatever isn't in good enough condition for furniture will be used for firewood to warm our friend's house and business. Fallen many possibilities.

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  1. Not only does Lowe's have crappy wood that warps, twists, & bows, but they will only honor the warranty on their "Top Choice" lumber if it rots. Not if it warps. last I bought their "Top Choice" wood for replacing my deck, and it didn't last for more than a few months. A manager came out to look at it and took pictures with his phone. He was obnoxious and very unhelpful. I won't buy from Lowe's again.