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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Acadia National Park Continued...

Besides wearing comfortable shoes, bringing cold water, snacks, and your fully charged camera, the most important advice I can impart when visiting Acadia National Park is to arrive early in the day. You'll feel like you own the universe because once those tour buses start navigating up those slim roads, you'll resent having to share this paradise with "tourists." And when you can't get near the Pond House for lunch because there's no parking, you may be as disappointed as we were.

Luckily, Mother Nature has a way of making you forget those little annoyances that mean nothing...

For the next post, pack your bathing suit...


  1. One blogger called trips that are only a few hours away from home, "staycations" I love that. I need to get away to close-by places like you do Elena. Good for the soul.

  2. Oops..I just saw in your labels that this park is in Maine!!! So much for staycations!!!

  3. Haha! I was wondering what you were talking about Cheryl as Maine is not exactly in our backyard ;)