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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Made for Cable Series

I thought I scored yesterday when I saw the complete series of Spartacus on dvd at the Salem library. Since I don't have Starz, and have seen the ads for the series in Entertainment Weekly, I was glad to pick it up. That is until we watched it.

We were barely able to get through two episodes. I am glad my kids weren't home because I felt like I was watching soft porn instead of a mini series about gladiators. Actually I think pornos probably have better scripts than that show does. The favorite word of the writers seemed to be "cock." We turned it off after I said to my husband the next time I hear the word "cock" that's it. Not two minutes went by before it popped up again. That was it.

Not only did the script suck, what the hell is the story line?, but the actors were horrible (British accents???) and the "look" of the show did not convey Rome, but some CGI fantasy location. Big pass from me.

A lot of cable outlets have some really good original programming series running. This is my list of favorites in no particular order, that are on the air, or slated to return, one day...

HBO Pictures, Images and Photos

HBO - Rome - Loved it. Sure, it had some sex in it, but it wasn't porno, and it actually had a story line. Returning when?

HBO - True Blood - From the opening theme song I was hooked. Although the series has gotten a little "unbelievable" like vampires aren't "unbelievable" to begin with, I love this show. I think Eric and Bill are easy on the eyes and the characters are quite interesting. Returning when?

HBO - Boardwalk Empire - Steve Buscemi is enough for me to watch, but the script and feel of the era is captured perfectly too. Returning when?

HBO - Luck - A new series which has two of my favorite actors - Dustin Hoffman and Dennis Farina. Whenever I see Farina I think back to another great series that was cancelled too soon -- Crime Story. Luck has just begun so it's a little slow right now, but I love the horse racing aspect of it. Shot beautifully, you could feel the excitement as the horses thunder down the track. The show reminds me of my grandmother and her horse track stories.

Showtime - The Borgias - Every time I say I'm going to cancel Showtime it's like they read my mind and create something to make me stay. It happened with The Tudors and then The Borgias. Greed, corruption, Rome, what's not to like? Returning when?

Showtime - Shameless - William Macy is the father of a clan of Irish folks that make the Sopranos look like model citizens. There aren't any redeeming characters in this series, but that's okay. Sometimes there shouldn't be. After you watch this show you're thankful for the family you have.

AMC - The Killing - Not on right now but I liked the dreary setting and storyline, although I was disappointed with the last episode. It reminds me of Twin Peaks without David Lynch's heavy hand. Returning when?

AMC - Mad Men - Love it as it brings me back to my youth. I knew someone like Don Draper in the 60's and the series captures the time perfectly. The only complaint is that by the time it gets back on the air it might be the 70's and Draper will be a hippy. Returning when?

AMC - Walking Dead - A lot of people are into zombies. Frankly, I'm not. I don't think anyone has ever surpassed the original Night of the Living Dead when it comes to them. There aren't any characters on the Walking Dead that I can relate to, or even find interesting, so sometimes I will watch Hoarders instead. Now, those people are way more creepier to me than zombies!

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