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Friday, February 3, 2012

Live on Amazon...The Valentine's Day Curse!

Live, in the Amazon's The Valentine's Day Curse -- A short story!

"When Lisa’s Valentine’s Day ritual is interrupted by a phone call, she is surprised it’s from someone she hadn’t heard from in many years. What could her ex, Joey, possibly want from her on what could have been their 25th wedding anniversary?

The Valentine’s Day Curse…A short story about stirred memories of unrequited love, revealing Valentine’s Day is not always a bed of roses."

Not everyone is a fan of Valentine's Day, and although I'm one of those as well, I just want to be clear that unlike my last book, Fractured Facade, this short story is not about me. Well, some "elements" of the tale are based on true life experiences, but not necessarily mine.

I think of this short story as the 99 cent KDP Select experiment before I begin working on the next full length novel. Since it's such a timely piece I thought it would behoove me to take advantage of Amazon's free promotion days around Valentine's Day. I will be curious to see if giving it away free will stir some folks to seek out my other book. The other possibility is what I fear most people do with free them and forget about it. However, my thinking is that if I release a short story maybe they will be more likely to actually read it quickly than have it fall into the cellar of their Kindle.

The other benefit of the KDP Select program is that Prime Members can check it out for free. I can't imagine anyone would use their check-out on a 99 cent short story, so I doubt I will see any income generated from that. The drawback as I've stated in the past, is that in order to use the KDP Select Program I have to list the book exclusively on Amazon for 90 days. Fret not, Amazon does have free applications that can be downloaded so anyone can read this book on other devices. I think being it's a short story it's more likely that will happen than if it was a full length novel.

It's much easier to put a book up on KDP Select at its inception than it is after it's been published on other sites. From what I understand it could take B&N 6 weeks to remove the book, and from my personal experience I know it takes months for them to even report to Smashwords that a sale was made! The other problem with B&N is that it's very difficult for folks to find one's book unless they are specifically searching for it. I think I pretty much tapped out this valley and my friends and family, so really Amazon and their promotions are my best bet to get my name out. Still, as of right now I have no intention of removing Fractured Facade from Smashwords. I still think it's going to be a "sleeper" and I want folks to be able to read it on any of their devices.

So...if you like a "love story" haha! check out The Valentine's Day Curse. Yes, that is a noose around the groom's neck...


  1. Sounds entertaining Elena. Your Fractured Facade is on my to "read list", I am trying to finish some others first.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Thanks Slam, I appreciate that! I'm looking forward to spending some time, hopefully soon, just reading someone else's book! This author stuff is hard work, LOL!