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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Not That I Loathe Valentine's Day...

Although I don't loathe Valentine's Day as much as Lisa does from my short story, The Valentine's Day Curse, (which is still free today and tomorrow) I do agree with her statement that she expects to be loved and respected every day of the year, not just a day in February.

Putting aside the morbid origins of the day which involve Christian martyrs, the day has morphed into a Hallmark Holiday where retailers strive to make tons of money through guilt. I know many people disagree with me, but I refuse to do all the things associated with today:

There will be no dinner reservations. We go out to dinner a couple of nights a week. There's no way I'm going into a crowded restaurant tonight where the prices are jacked up, and quality and service down. I'll have my husband bring home a pizza and mussels fra diavolo from Mamma's Pizza and be very happy.

There will be no dozen roses which cost twice as much as they did last month. Instead, my husband has bought me a mini rose bush which we will transplant outdoors. That has worked well for us.

No jewelry. Don't need it. Don't want it.

No two pound boxes of Godiva chocolate. One mini bar accompanied the rose bush. I won't even eat that, but my daughter will.

No champagne. Can't drink, so will wait until Thursday when my medicine is out of my system and then I will have sangria or Lambrusco with my husband as I do every week.

Cards, yes, cards are allowed. Of course, I buy mine from the dollar store, but my husband doesn't, and since he spent $6.99, gasp!, on it I will post it here...

For My Wife,
Real Love understands what the simplest word or touch can mean
Real Love listens and shares, learns and grows through the good times and the bad
Real love dreams and hopes, and always believes in forever
Through all the changes life and love have brought us, one thing will always remain the same -- you mean the world to me.
Happy Valentine's Day.


Enjoy your Valentine's Day all you romantics, and remember, tomorrow's love is just as special as today's.

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