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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Books - Old & New

I happened to be flipping through channels the other day when I landed on some sort of auction show. Up for bid were two old books. One was a history book that had John Hancock's signature, the other was a first edition of "The Great Gatsby." They each brought in a pretty penny and it got me thinking about my own antique book collection.

It's been quite a while since I dusted them, so figured now was the perfect opportunity to spruce them up, and check out the worth of some of them. I knew I had quite a few first editions, and a couple of books from the 1800's as well. I think the earliest one I have is from 1839, followed by a book of poems from 1863, written by an anti-slavery author. I used to have many more, but about a month after I first moved to Salem, Virginia, the Roanoke River flooded the basement of the house I was renting and destroyed not only my precious books, but all my leather clothing. The clothes wouldn't fit anymore anyway, but I still lament the loss of my antique tomes.

Anyhow, after checking on-line for the worth of some of these books I was quite surprised to find out they are pretty much worthless. I really imagined I was holding gold on my shelves. And maybe I am via the written words inside, but the books are so fragile that I don't want to read them in fear of destroying them.

Well, I won't have to worry about that with my eBook Fractured Facade. I finally received my "business cards" for them. They look cool, don't they...and they hardly take up any shelf space!


  1. Decided to read some more of Fractured Facade last night on my iPhone. Discovered that with the new IOS5 upgrade, Stanza no longer works so I'll have to wait until I have time to fiddle with an alternate reader. Ugh.

  2. Oh sorry, but I don't know what the IOS5 upgrade means...did you download it to your computer first? You should be able to transfer it from there to anywhere...

  3. I love old books--just flipping through the pages sometimes leads in treasures that were used as bookmarks.

  4. Slam, you're right...I forgot to put that in the post. In one of them I found a cut out of an advertisement against women's right to vote! It said something like only 10% of the women in Pennsylvania want it!